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105.3 The Fish Come Back Kid 2007

Morgan is 9 years old and is in 3rd grade at Woodside Elementary School.  Writing, Reading and Social Studies are her favorite subjects but she doesn't like science.  She enjoys reading, especially Jennie B. Jones books.  She likes to play house, play with friends, sled, swim at water parks, rollerblade and do gymnastics.  She is very observant and will ask many questions to learn.  She wants to be a teacher, hairdresser or weatherperson when she grows up.

Mom's input:
The other day in the car, my daughter heard the ad for Extreme Makeover Life Edition on 105.3 The Fish and inquired, "What is a Come Back Kid?"  After I explained it to her she said, "I want to do that."  Later, she asked again and, with conviction, said, "I want to do better in school."  Morgan needs to establish good work habits and to focus on the subjects/areas that give her the most difficulty.  Her ability and performance have been an issue this year for the past couple of years.  This year it seems to have come to a nasty head.  Her teacher, my husband and I have tried to help her but have not had any positive results.  Her work is inconsistent; she can get 100% on a review and the next day get an F on the test.  Last year she got A's on almost all her tests but this year it has been just the opposite.  She is getting frustrated and so are we.

- Morgan rushes through her work, making mistakes.
- Her study skills need improvement.  Though she takes practice tests at home. she still fails the test the next day.
- Her phonics skills are lacking.  Though her phonics level is third grade, she does not attempt to sound out words.
- Her reading comprehension is low.  She scored 25% at the third grade level and 28% at the secodn grade level.  As a result, her reading level is at most first grade.
- Though her spelling is strong, her daily use of spelling is poor.  The following is an unedited paragraph she wrote on 2/3/2007:

"Why I would wont to be one is that you tell pepal weather and can see inport peopl every dao and hear about them.  And like to be someone tell weather in didort stas."

The Work Begins:
Week One - Morgan was taught how to use a note taking to develop an effective study guide.  She was placed on a program of reading at least 30 minutes each day.  The family was shown what they could do to help  improve Morgan's comprehension on all three levels.

Week Two -

Week Three -

Week Four -
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